Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The back story

Hey!  I decided to create a blog documenting our walk in God's adoption plan for our family.  I thought this would be a good way to help keep friends and family updated on the process.  Also, we hope to one day share this blog with our little one.

Over two years ago we chose to start our adoption journey with Catholic Social Services.  One of the main reasons we selected them was because we felt it was the most affordable option.  After our home study was completed, the waiting began.  Over the course of the next year no progress was being made.  We were told it could take between 2-5 years.  Therefore, the next year we just enjoyed ourselves and tried not to think about the waiting period.  One day I came home and started crying.  I felt God was speaking to me in little ways regarding the adoption process.  He laid on my heart that we made a decision to go our way, and then asked Him to bless us our path.  God was telling me to trust him with the whole adoption process including the financial aspects.  We discussed my feelings but were still unsure what to do. We were overwhelmed thinking about how we could afford a different option.  After going to church that Sunday, Danny felt God speaking to him about trusting God in everything concerning this journey.  Coincidentally, I had a friend that recently used an adoption consulting agency to network their profile.  I had a number of conversations with her and she said something that just stuck with me.  She said "God will fund what he favors."  As the days went by and I reflected on this statement, an indescribable peace of mind was given to me.

We decided to give all our hopes, fears & uncertainties to God and asked that He direct our path. We are using a consulting agency to network our profile throughout the United States and are in the process of updating or home study.  I have done research on grants, interest free loans, and fundraising ideas.  Recently our church asked us to share our adoption testimony on a video recording as they planned to share at the Adoption Sunday service. While we were both extremely nervous about sharing our testimony on our journey thus far, we prayed that God would be help us tell our story. Shortly after making this video, we were blessed to receive a matching grant through our church. We decided to share the video on Facebook with our friends. We have been overwhelmed by the donations and prayers that we have received so far.  When you put your faith in God and ask that His will be done, amazing things begin to happen. It reminds me of something our pastor recently said..."There is only one thing God cannot do. He can NEVER fail you!"

We know the journey is young, but we made the decision to trust in God's plan as it unfolds. We are grateful for the lessons learned on our journey thus far and look forward to what's around the bend. Please keep us in your prayers and most of all pray that God's will be done.

I will keep you updated.